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Exceptional Light– Endless Creativity

Litepanels is the original pioneer in LED panel lighting for television and motion pictures. Join us at NAB for an exciting preview of our newest product range.

See our range of high-quality, lightweight and dependable fixtures, including LED panels and high-performance LED Fresnels.

Also discover how our advanced lighting solutions work with image-based lighting to add new levels of reality to studio production.

“At Litepanels, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing our customers with the best tools for their creative vision. We’re excited to show our most comprehensive range of lighting solutions ever at NAB this year. – See you there.”

Product Highlight

Unleash your creative vision and bring high-quality cinematic lighting to your set with the compact and lightweight Gemini RGBWW LED Panel range. Gemini delivers the ultimate flexibility you need for endless creative lighting options all in one unique fixture.

Product Highlight

Delivering high-performance, directional, bright white light with precision spot to flood beam control and consistent quality.



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