HARRIS Selenio Media Convergence Platform

The Selenio media convergence platform combines baseband video and audio processing, compression and IP networking features

The Selenio media convergence platform enables intelligent, efficient management of both IP and baseband signals — enabling service providers to support content from multiple sources and deliver it over multiple platforms. Full-featured, multichannel video and audio processing, distribution and compression applications are enabled at a size and density scale unprecedented in the marketplace. MPEG-2 and H.264 are supported from SD and HD to 3 Gb/s and mobile. And a built-in Web-based interface using Microsoft® Silverlight® technology enables operators to easily manage the platform’s advanced capabilities. To ensure a cost-effective, seamless evolution path, inputs, outputs and functionality can be rapidly increased to meet any new requirement by simply adding video and audio expansion modules to the Selenio frame. The result is a high-performance, easy-to-operate, streamlined solution that simplifies broadcast infrastructure and provides cost savings throughout the product lifecycle.